Barnstormers New Zealand


I found this site surfing the net and i can tell you, those Kiwis know what they are talking about
Check out their fabulous website at : http://www.barnstormers.co.nz/

About them :
Time has marched on for motorcycling. Electric start, disc brakes,6speed gearboxes are just some of the advancements that have made motorcycling more enjoyable over the last 40 years. But what of the pioneering machines that made us what we are today. The rigid framed, girder forked, side valve machines that generously populated our and other countries in the first 30 years of last century.

These machines and their riders opened up the frontiers of travel, and their successes encouraged even more motorcyclists to take to the road. The riders may have passed on leaving only family photographs of their exploits, however many of their machines still exist and are ready waiting for new riders.