New Norton Manx 30M

Norton Manx Model 30

Norton lauches 30M Racer
For almost forty years, the Manx Norton dominated motorcycle road racing. From world champions like Geoff Duke and Mike Hailwood ,through GP privateers to clubmen, riders used its combination of reliability, fine handling and outright speed to win countless races all over the world.
Now, almost fifty after production of the 500cc 30M model ceased, Norton is to recommence production of this iconic motor cycle.
The new model is built to the exact specification of the final 1962 Bracebridge street buid machine. However, the latest 3D CAD simulation and analysis techniqueshave been utilised to optimise the design bring it in line with the requirements of modern classic racing.Buid quality is assured by the use of state of the art materials and modern manufacturing processes.
The 30M epitomises all that is great about the Norton brand. Its re-launch at the 2009 TT combines perfectly the company's glorious past with its exciting future.