The Phantom Manufacturing


We met the Phantom team at the last Norton Festival in Donington and took pictures of this amazing bike made in U.K
Those guys are cool and rad and their work is simply impressive
Take a look at their website and dont forget the Gallery at the end of this post.
The Southsiders wish them a good and straight road to success.

The roots of The Phantom Manufacturing Company run deep. The cogs of the four founders, Erasmus Thump, Titus Bottomly, Enoch Podsnap and Mrs. Mabel Ramsbottom meshed in the late Spring of 1919 on the banks of the Cam river and the company was born shortly thereafter. Responsibilities were distributed as such – Erasmus was responsible for invention and exploration, Titus was the team spanner man and basher of hard things, Enoch was responsible for testing and helping Erasmus raise funds when sales were not quite to plan, and Mrs. Ramsbottom, as company secretary, made all things run smoothly. Over time they acquired a staff of skilled individuals to help in all aspects of manufacture of some of the finest sporting vintage motrobikes the world has ever seen.

History of the Phantom EG

" We build the Phantom EG the way we have always built motorbikes -- by the hands of skilled artisans. Our lads specify or form every piece of the machine. Of course, no two clients are the exact same shape, or have the exact same taste. As a result, every Phantom is unique, 'commissioned' as would a piece of fine art. The EG was designed from the start as an homage to those amazing machines that spunky gentlemen (and ladies) used to set speed records at Brooklands and board track racer circuits back in the 1920s.

The Phantom EG is not for everyone. There are other motorbikes that are faster, and still others more comfortable. What sets the Phantom EG apart from all others, is the abundance of soul. The spirits of The Phantom's founders, along with those legendary riders of the day such as Harry and Charlie Collier, W. D. Chitty, Bert Le Vack, Jake De Rosier, Jack Emerson, "Barry" Baragwanath, Gwenda Stewart, and scores of others both famous and not, run through every part of a Phantom EG. All these riders may have passed into history, but their presence is felt every time you sit astride a Phantom EG ".