The Spanish Trail Movie 3rd part

" Six motorbikes, three women, six men and appointment in " The 100 Marches "at midday. We started with a big sun for three days of unknown.
I left to make a ballade in motorbike with enthusiasts. I knew neither motorbikes, nor enthusiasts. I was a beginner passenger, beginner also in feelings. In motorbike, treasure is in feelings. Abandonment and the body make the rest.
Three days of valleys and roads, a mountain to climb, breaks and always the sun.
I developed an immediate aesthetic fascination for Norton, and, when the men started them up, I was in trance. I liked breaks because I knew that I was as their motorbikes, I waited only this, leave again together, to make only one.
I closed my eyes, I was attentive to the slightest noise, I viewed the speed, I took the landscape across the visor. I was grateful for all what she had my Norton in the belly.
These men and these women make me enter into their world right away, at the first sight I was theirs. The silent, dumb solidarity, which there was between them, between us, gave me desire, desire where this does not stop.
In motorbike you are alone, even if you have somebody in the back. Motorbike, loneliness and road are the single artery. Purpose is the next kilometre, which it even is trip.
My first time was the good. I knew nothing of their world. I only knew the love of the children and of the men. Norton is not only a motorbike which you would like to have, but it is also a philosophy. If there is a trap in motorbike, it is because you feel like a king. The noise of the engine misses you, and it is as it that they dream one day to have his, quickly.
Norton has nothing to prove because to be nice in this point there does not exist. "