1923 2hp Monet & Goyon

This is the first real motorcyle a "between tubes" from the french firm Monet & Goyon. Proppeled by an English 147cc two strokes Villiers engine, built by the firm under license. This popular model launched in
1923, was followed next year by a racing version, a ZS 174 cc "Brooklands TT" Villiers engine with a double exhauts port. The bike had a big success in "Grand prix" and world records.

In option was a two speed English Albion gearbox actionned by a suicide shifter, who's allowed a maximum 50mph speed.

This lightweight was sporty for the 1923 roads; there's no front brake and the rear one is a simple rubber pad.

Joseph Monet (Engineer) and Adrien Goyon (rich familly from Macon), founded the firm during WW1. Their first productions where gear without engine for war wounded.

The marvelous carbide lamp consist of two separated tanks by a joint, the upper is filled with water and the lower tank contains pieces of calcium carbide. In contact with water, the carbide produce a flammable and very luminous gas: the acetylene.

You can imagine the rear brake action...

The rear "Luxor"lamp (another British make) has his own separate water tank.

Primary transmission by chain but final by belt.

Just before an intensive rain, I had climbed on first gear to "The battle of Toulouse" monument.
So Risky!

On the right side the throttle lever doesn't allow you a quick gear change, but you can done very pleasant rides with this machine.