The Story of The Ramones
From their 1974 debut at New York's premier punk dive, through the classic albums and blistering live sets, The Ramones cut an unforgettable swathe through two decades of pop, setting the scene for punk and hardcore with honed-down songs and ferocious 20 minute sets, but always putting the music first.
Seen through the eyes of the people who were there at the time, including musicians, managers, producers, publicists and New York punk scenesters, this book shows the heroic Ramones staying faithful to their own unique musical vision right to the bitter end.

The African from J. M. G. Le Clézio
In writing L’Africain Le Clézio reflects on his childhood in 1948 when he was 8 years old.According to the publisher he left Nice with his mother and brother to meet his father who was a doctor in Nigeria.His father remained there during the war but was too far away from the wife he loved and too far away from their two children.In this short book Le Clézio remembers his father, who was a “jungle doctor” first in Guyana and then in Cameroon and Nigeria. Here you can find Le Clézio's thoughts about his African childhood and about life in remote places. L’Africain, the story of the author’s father, is at once a reconstruction, a vindication, and the recollection of a boy who lived in the shadow of a stranger he was obliged to love. He remembers through the landscape: Africa tells him who he was when he experienced the family’s reunion after the separation during the war years.The author may seem to be honouring the father from whom he was separated.