The Brown Bunny

A lot of you know Vincent Gallo aside from his creative brilliance was also a world class Grand Prix motorcycle racer.

The Brown Bunny is a 2003 American independent film written, produced and directed by actor Vincent Gallo about a motorcycle racer on a cross-country drive who is haunted by memories of his former lover.
It had its world premiere at the 2003 Cannes Film Festival to boos and catcalls. The film garnered a great deal of media attention due to the explicit sexual content of the final scene, and due to a war of words between Gallo and film critic Roger Ebert, who stated that The Brown Bunny was the worst film in the history of Cannes, although he later gave a re-edited version of the film his signature "thumbs up".
Bud Clay (Vincent Gallo), a motorcycle racer, undertakes a cross-country drive, following a race in New Hampshire, in order to participate in a race in California.

All the while he is haunted by memories of his former lover, Daisy (Chloƫ Sevigny). On his journey he meets three women, but is unable to form an emotional connection with any of them. He first meets Violet (played by Anna Vareschi) at a gas station in New Hampshire and convinces her to join him on his trip to California. They stop at her home in order to get her clothes, but he drives off as soon as she enters the house.

Bud's next stop is at Daisy's parents' home, where there is Daisy's brown bunny. Daisy's mother does not remember Bud, who grew up in the house next door, nor does she remember having visited Bud and Daisy in California. Next, Bud stops at a pet shelter, where he asks about the life expectancy of rabbits. At a highway rest stop, he joins a distressed woman, Lilly, comforts and kisses her, before starting to cry and eventually leaving her.

Bud appears more distressed as the road trip continues, crying as he drives. He stops at the Bonneville Speedway to race his motorcycle. In Las Vegas, he drives around prostitutes on street corners, before deciding to ask one of them, Rose, to join him for a lunch. She eats McDonald's food in his truck until he stops, pays her, and leaves her back in the street...

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