Olivier Mosset

Olivier Mosset (born in 1944 in Bern) is a Swiss artist who lives and works in Tucson, Arizona.

After studying art in Lausanne, he became the assistant of Jean Tinguely and Daniel Spoerri.
Arrived in Paris, he painted canvases bearing one or more times the letter "A" that outlines the "Musée d'art moderne" from Paris in 1966.
In 1967 He participates in the "BMPT" group with Buren, Parmentier and Toroni.
His first personal exhibition date from 1968 to Paris.
In 1977, he moved to New York where he painted monochrome (red, orange, pink, green).
In 1994, the Museum of Fine Arts from Zion, he created an installation of cardboard sculptures (Toblerone).

"Mosset, like other members of the group BMPT, is a" non-painter "in the traditional expression sense
, in that it asserts the fact to "make visible the mechanism that carries the paint "and he criticizes the institutional framework of the art". Paul Eli IVEY
His radically minimalistwork, was extended into three dimensions.

"Indian" Larry Desmedt (1949 - 2004), whose own signature symbol was the mute, very Mosset-esque question mark, was an award-winning custom motorcycle mechanic and stunt rider who originated the 'hard-core' motorcycle style - a blend between classic choppers and hotrod race bikes influenced by 1950's-60's motorcycle clubs. He appeared frequently in movies and television shows and built up a huge cult following.

Mosset, known for his innovative collaborative exhibitions with other artists including, most recently, his 2004 show with Cady Noland at the Migros Museum in Zurich, is a lifelong motorcyclist himself (he can be seen making a drive-by salutation to Jean-Michel Basquiat in 'Downtown 81') and owns several Indian Larry-customized bikes. The artist was in the process of planning an exhibition with him in 2004, when Larry died from head injuries sustained performing a stunt during a bike show in North Carolina.
Thanks to Emmanuel Brunet

My new Commuter

Yesterday I bought this old  "Gitane" bicycle from the late 70s,  for everyday commuting, 18 speed, San Marco "Rolls" saddle, Cinelli and Campagnolo components  : I 'm the king of the road now !