A festival of Norton

The Norton Owners Club in association with Norton Motorcycles and the Classic Racing Motorcycle Club presents a festival of Norton at the Donington Park circuit.
The centrepiece of the day will be a huge Historic Display of Nortons of all shapes and sizes dating from 1903 to 2009. During the day, technical experts will present information on the various models and there will be the opportunity to see and hear some of the machines as they run up a paddock area.
The full circuit at Donington will be available for use and during the day there will be opportunities for visitors and their Nortons to parade in either the road or race class.
Exceptionally, this day is free from any noise limits so any Norton can take part in the track sessions without exhaust restrictions.
There will also be a parade of Featured Nortons and well known riders. Expect to hear everything from the growl of the Manxs through to the howl of the Rotaries, including the new 2009 NRV588.
In the evening, there will be an informal party on the Donington site, to which all Norton enthusiasts are invited