America's first motorcycle is back

Dont know what to think about it, but one more time it seems that the new motorcycles designers are loosing the essence of the origin. Or maybe its the new bikers who better buy a new car ...

Founded in 1901, the legendary Indian brand remains America's first motorcycle and is highly revered. The company relaunched the iconic brand in 2008 with 4 Chief models, a full line of motorcycle accessories, and an apparel and gift line.

How can we forget this ... ?

The new Indian Chief Motorcycles are rightfully positioned as premium products and will be produced in limited number, with the focus on outstanding quality, performance and exclusivity.

from here 1953 ...

to here 2009 ... which one do you prefer ...? they should just have done apparel.

From Polynesia, with Love

The History of Surfing From Captain Cook to the Present
By Ben Marcus.

By 1779, riding waves lying down or standing on long, hardwood surfboards was an integral part of Hawaiian culture. Surfboard riding was as layered into the society, religion and myth of the islands as baseball is to the modern United States. Chiefs demonstrated their mastery by their skill in the surf, and commoners made themselves famous (and infamous) by the way they handled themselves in the ocean. Anthropologists can only guess at the origin and evolution of wave-riding and surfboard construction in Polynesian culture, since there's no certainty about the timeline and movements of the Polynesians. Around 2000 B.C., the migration of humans out of Asia and into the eastern Pacific began, and Polynesians established themselves within a large triangle, with Aotearoa (New Zealand) at the south point, Tonga and Samoa along the western boundary and Tahiti and the Marquesas to the east.

Courtesy of Bishop Museum Archive

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