How to build your "JPN" (part II)

The big work is done, I shaped a Tank and a saddle in a polystyrene block to give them a look of JPN and have given the masters to a colleague working with fiberglass. I just asked him to make a shell .
On my side, I made a stainless steel gasoline tank to be placed inside. Then the oil tank was made in stainless steel sheet and I settled it with the filter oil tip. It has a 3 liters capacity and is located under the seat
. At the same time I bought to Jean-Noel Gindrat* a pair of crankcase cast that I sent to a "Turner,adjuster" friend in England. 
After I made the exhaust system in 38mm Diameter stainless steel tube 
And finaly the gearbox was mounted in the frame.

January 2004: OBJECTIVE: first laps at the Ton Up in October. 
I bought a John Player fairing in a swap meet it was necessary to adapt to the bike. This fairing is a copy of a first Challenge model. 
Finally I'am very proud of this bike. I just had to realize the paint job. I tried as best as I can to reproduce the blue and red borders on the fairing. "Gulf" stickers and "John Player Norton have been redone by a professional. Then 
batch has been sent for painting.

In the meantime I have dismantled the whole bike for frame powder-cowting. 
Re scheduled to begin in May it was still on stand by 
for 3 months, because I still not received my crankcases which should have been completed in April. 
I received them only in September and it was a bit late to be ready for the "Ton Up" two months later. 
So I decided to mount my "Gus Kuhn" engine.

The painted equipment finally arrived. 
 I fired up In October for the first time. A little too much noisy for my neighborhood taste. The engine was running good
 and I had a few tuning to do. 
I did some testing on small roads to try brakes and handling. 
Except the engine The January objective was done... So we went to the Ton Up for the first wheel's laps. 
After that , I finished my engine for the "Magny-Cours" Ton-up.