1999 Vincent International and Owner Club Rally

During my journey to the 1999 Manx Grand Prix, I had also the chance to see the 50th Anniversary  of the "Vincent International and Owner Club Rally". A display of 250 machine were exposed on the Villa Marina in Douglas.

The Thursday, on the Ramsey Promenade was organized the Vincent Sprint.
I met a french specialist of the Vincent twins on the island, called Fran├žois Grosset. He developped the first electrical engine start equipement fitted on the Vincent.
As I had my jacket and my helmet, Fran├žois tooks me on his own Vincent bike, we arrived in Ramsey, stopped in a pub for the coffee time, to finish on the Ramsey Sprint area, where lot of Vincent were present.

It was the world's largest ever meeting of Vincent HRD machines ranging from 1926 TT entrants throught to the last of the bread the enclosed Black Prince of 1955, 
like in my dreams...

Story and pics Laurent

Next time: the race and a TT Marshall story..