The Caesar's ... La Royale Scot

I know we are not so much into H.D here but Caesar from El Cerrito CA, send us the story of his 1984 FLHP and we like it. Here is the story ... Caesar has also 35 years of experience as a surfer

It started out as a 1984 FLHP Honolulu Police Dept auction bike. It was used as a road test bike for rookies to train them in the pineapple and sugar cane fields doing pursuit maneuvers. It still had pieces of sugar cane and pineapple leaves lodged under the fenders when I won her. Engine and transmission were originally in a swingarm frame (I still have it - it will be for my next project w/ a 1938 Harley UL engine). Bike is nick-named "La Royale Scot" for my wife.

Engine: 1984 Harley Shovelhead
Transmission: 4 speed Harley
Frame: Santee (goose-neck modified by Chopper Enterprises - Chris Burrows & dad)
Handlebars: 12" narrow glide apes
Risers: Honda
Wheels: 19" Coker
Brakes: Mechanical

Sticker Zero Engineering ... cool

Tank: Paughco
Gas Cap: Ebay
Fork: Repop Springer
Seat: Bull Original (Japan)
P-pad: Ebay
Fender: Original Norton (modified) - sorry Norton dudes!
Sissybar: Paughco (modified)
Taillight: Guide light (modified to taillight)
Headlight: Harley
Shifter: Dodge Truck (modified)
Footpegs: Johnny Chop
Seat bracket kit, Oil bracket (modified) = FabKevin
Air Cleaner: Chopper Dave
Exhaust Pipes: Ebay (modified)
kicker pedal: Harley WLA (modified)
All brackets and dodads: myself

Just a footnote : after I painted and started to assemble the frame, I saw this old bicycle with a head badge on it's frame and swiped it to put on my motorcycle frame. Hence the name of the motorcycle and a coincidence that my wife is of Scottish decsent. How appropriate! Here's the head badge on the frame.

Mahalo (Thanks in Hawaiian) Caesar