Rob Howe Triumph chopper

A few days ago Rob, from San Diego send us the story of his beautifull Triumph Chopper.
This bike is rad and skinny its all what we love

Here is the story :

The bike started out as a 1965 Trophy I picked up on Ebay. It was located about a 15 hour drive from me but it was such an amazing deal I had to buy it.
I pulled the motor and dropped it off with Wes White at 4 aces. He did the rebuild and it's rock solid.

I took the rest of the bike apart and rebuilt it to resemble a picture I had in my head. I wanted a chopper that looked like a bicycle. Super skinny, and spindly looking.

I was inspired by Bill Mize's gold sporty.

I had some 21" wheels laced up and mounted some skinny Bridgestones.
The frame is hard tailed and the back bone is about 2 inches shorter than stock. The forks are from a 70's era Honda XL 70, that I shaved in my garage.
The apes were made by T-bone in LA
The tank is an original GME with the ribbed cap.
I had the seat made by littlebike32
The head light is from very old Caddie. I swapped out the internals so it would be bright enough to ride at night.
I painted the tank flat green (something a little different) and it was striped by Rob Miller
The bike is loud, fast and blast to ride!

Rob is an Industrial Designer in the cell phone industry. he's been a motorcycle nut since he was 8, but this is his first build. He lives in San Diego, California.