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My "commuter" 1972 Norton shot by my friend and "neighbour" Benoit Guerry talented photographer

The Origin of Surf in Europe : Part 2

Thanks to Antony « Yep » Colas
« The World Stormrider Guide » autor and J.d.Rosnay


1960: the year of the first competitions

It is July 24 being held in the beach the first international competition before several thousand spectators. Then the 11 first place septembreont Championships in France. 1st: Joel de Rosnay. 2nd: Michel Barland. 3rd: André Plumcoq. The jury is composed of Dedieu, Hiriart, Giese and Viertel. If competitions are organized with relay races train surfing technique is simple, well clear of what's happening in California.

1961: Rott and Moraiz in Peru
In February 1961 an international competition held in Lima in Peru and is Jacky Rott and Jo Moraiz who are invited by Carlos Dogny and his bunch of billionaires. The tournament was won by the Peruvian Hector Velarde and awards would be in the presence of the Head of State. Take place in September in Biarritz the first European Championships. 1st: Jacques Rott. 2nd: Pierre Laharague. 3rd: André Plumcocq. 4th: Joel de Rosnay. 5th: Michel Barland.

1962: France in Surfer Magazine

Following a match between Joel de Rosnay and John Severson, founder of Surfer and future father of Jenna (De Rosnay), the first article on the waves appeared in France in the first surf magazine created in California in 1960 with photos of Jacky Rott, Gerard Philippe and Eddie Ladd. This explains the many Californians come from the'60s. At a family trip to Mauritius in which they originate, Arnaud and Joel de Rosnay discovered Tamarin Bay in August. Take place as the European Championships won by Michel Barland and International Europe won by Michael Hickey of Australia. In September, a group of surfers in Jersey where surfing began recently, is on the Basque Coast.

1963: The "Barre" becomes Ze Spot

At the mouth of the Adour river, where sand is extracted from a gravel pit a wave swept ideal, especially for the boards of the time. A powerful pointbreak hollow and easily that bypasses the channel of the Adour. This is that place on September 28 international championships won by Australian Peter Troy, before Hawaiian Jan Lee and Australians Bob Keenan and Michael Hickey. The champions of the day were not only the time of the race, they came to France several weeks or months, allowing local emulate. The Surfclub is multiplientnotamment with the creation of the House of Love opened by Deborah Kerr and Dr Lacroix, mayor of Anglet. There is 4 clubs with USB, the Kostakoak Bidart and Waikiki. Then comes that the French Federation of Surf Riding under the leadership of Joel de Rosnay. Surfing continues its breakthrough in the media with 2 TV, multiple subjects in the general press and a song from Franck Alamo where surfing becomes a dance.

1964: The War of the federations

The Surf Club of the House of Love is the Surf Club de France, which competes with the Waikiki of Côte des Basques. At each spot the club, at the Grande Plage was born on Biarritz Surf Club. On 20 August reunification takes place clubs under the chairmanship of Guy Petit, mayor of Biarritz. The day was held at 20:30 on the only television channel "behind the scenes of the writ," a story dedicated to surfing. The Surf Club of France made its first acquisition of a surfmobile for transporting groups of surfers to the various spots: it will be a Peugeot, Volkswagen and a bus rider before the Paris-Biarritz.

A car Americans arrived this month for the European Surfing Championships Holiday won by Don Southern, before Bruce Woods, Steve Perrin and Jim Fitzpatrick. A traffic around planks U.S. because there is a big shortage of boards despite the efforts of Barland / Rott. It is also an opportunity to acquire all the news coming from across the Atlantic: tee-shirts, bermudas, frisbee, disco (skimboard round) ... Patou Cup, sponsored by the famous perfumer, was won by Eddy Ladd ahead of Jean-Marie Lartigau and Yves Dumon. As for the French championships, it is always at the bar and Philippe Gérard is climbing on top. The 2nd is Joël de Rosnay, the 3rd, Eddy Ladd. This year it was held the first world championships at Manly in Sydney. Faced with tens of thousands of spectators, Midget Farrelly became the first world champion to Mike Doyle and Joey Cabell. Joël de Rosnay made the trip and returns the first skateboard that offered him Phil Edwards.

1965: Surf and Surf School

For the 2nd World Championships in Peru in February, Gerard Philippe and Joel de Rosnay representing France. A first surf magazine is launched with Surf Atlantic. A new article appears on Surfer Magazine: "The fabulous french Surf. Following the initiative of Jo Moraiz import products from California and English and distribute a first born surfshop on place Ste-Eugénie, ideal for testing skateboards, and the first surf school. It is the first commercially suggest surfing business and investing for surfing.