for a handfull of seconds (part I )

The Pliquet brothers from Brittany (indeed they have round hats!)

Returning from the 2006 "Bol d'Or Classic", I suggest to my brother Manu redoing a small freshness to the GUS KUHN Norton to participate at the BOC next year, on the french track in Magny Cours.
September, 2006: dismantling of the bike which is in dereliction since I redid my Norton John Player. Indeed, later after reflections, we let us be going to make a replica of the last English motorcycle winner of an international endurance race with Rex Butcher and Norman White at the "500 miles of Thruxton" in 1973.

Sandblasting and painting of the frame on the washing line, then we have to find in swap meets alloy wheel rims for the back wheel, and long ranges lights. We mount a 250 TZ rear hub and front "CBR" disk with a Norvil caliper. Then a pair of alloy triple trees, and Koni rear shocks.

When we received the registration form, we realized the mattering budget that this race represents with 650€ of commitment. That is why we decided to draft a small brochure to sell door-to-door and find some sponsoring such as Eric Plantegenest (profil composite) and the Norton club which gave us a saddle and side panels (these last ones that I cut at the level of the oil tank as those of racing motorcycles .

Manu decides to make an oscillating arm as the Seeley model with a bigger diameter tube than the original one.

Result, we gain one kilo on this part. Because of the Regulations , we make a salvage tub of oil who has to receive at least 50 % of the oil contained in the engine (1 glass of oil) and have a drain plug which we remove in case of rain!

We have some photos of Norman White's motorcycles for model, what helps us to realize the exhaust system the most similar as possible. The silencers are empties "peashooters". For the pipes it's more complicated, we take out the sand and the blowtorch (a whole day only for the transmission side pipe ).

Then we continued with the engine plates Norvil model which were cut from 0,31in thick Alloy sheets and the rearsets which asked for many job.

We end the "white assembly" by the manufacturing of an ignition sensor mask in teflon to protect the motorcycle in case of fall.
Here is finally time to dismantle all the motorcycle and to clean parts. The frame is red painted as the Norman White bike.

Rendez vous next week for the part II