From Biarritz to Majorca Island on a T140


During August 1983 Vincent and I decided to cross Spain to reach The Baleares Island with my T140 Bonneville.

After packing a couple of things in our bags we left Biarritz under the rain and found the sun just after Pamplona once passed the Velate mountain.

Vincent was still sick after a hard " Bars night" ... so we decided after 3 hours to stop on an Area de Servicio on the highway to Zaragoza. We took a rest between the trucks and finally took the road again to reach Zaragoza at the beginning of the evening.

The first night : In a Zaragoza hotel
In the morning of the second day we took the highway to Barcelona passing by Leida to eat something on the road.

We reach Barcelona in the afternoon and we went straight to the Port to book the crossing ticket by boat at the Trans-Mediterranea Company.
I remember there was so many Italian bikers riding off-road motorcycles, so clean and fresh with their brand new machines and we were the only one to have troubles with the Guardia Civil (Spanish Police) when we got on board because we were so tired and dirty.
The second night : On the boat crossing the Mediterranean sea
We arrived in Palma de Mallorca at 8:00 am the following day
The weather was hot and shinny and we were in vacations.

We spent 2 weeks on this Island which is so nice, where the sea is hot and the food amazing... i jump on a couple of things that i cannot tell here but it was fun.
It was 26 years ago and i still keep this trip in mind as a dream.