I know we are not very into cars but this one is a Great one.
The GT40 we like it or not but tell me u never dream about it ...
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Chassis 1076

A Brief History

GT40P #1076 was originally dispatched as a Gulf GT40 racecar from the JWA UK factory on Sept 22, 1968. It immediately took its place as one of the works GT40s at the 1968 LeMans event. Hopes of it placing high on the podium were dashed when #1076 slid wide at the Mulsane corner and ended up high centered on the sandbank for several hours.

Next up on #1076's schedule was the 1969 Daytona race, where it was assigned #1 Gulf team car status. It was driven by GT40 "maestro" Jackie Ickx and lead the race until a crash ended the effort. Another DNF for #1076 at 1969 Sebring 12 Hours followed.

The team then posted an entry in the 1969 LeMans 24 hours, where the GT40's were expected to be outclassed by the formidable Porsche factory effort. To almost everyone's surprise, LeMans in 1969 turned out to one of the most exciting races ever, especially for Hobbs & Hailwood driving #1076.

Not many people remember that #1076 was actually on a pace to win the 1969 LeMans race ahead of Jackie Ickx in #1075. Near midway in the race an errant rear wheel weight nicked a rear brake bridge pipe on #1076. A frustrated David Hobbs lost a considerable amount of time in & out of the pits until the problem was eventually found. Meanwhile, #1075 took over the lead and eventually won the race, crossing the finish line just a few yards ahead of a 908 Porsche, with #1076 closely behind and finishing 2nd in class and 3rd overall.

Take a look at : http://www.racingicons.com/gt/1076.htm