SRT - 101


It was the very first camera my father gave me when i was 17.I used it for over another 15 years and i still find this a great and indestructible camera and its probably why the SRT-101 has been one of the most used camera by war reporter during the last 40 years.

The Minolta SR-T 101 is a 35mm manual focus SLR camera launched in 1966 by Chiyoda Kogaku. Staying in production for ten years with only minor changes, proves the thorough effort being put into the development of the camera before the introduction. The construction is based on the innovative Minolta SR-7 model V camera of 1962. The SR-T however, has many significant features apart from the TTL meter. The most significant one is perhaps the full aperture metering facility, automatically compensating for the at any time fitted lens' maximum aperture, a feature it took twelve more years for Nikon to figure out how to accomplish. Full aperture TTL metering was commercially first realised in the brilliant Tokyo Kogaku Topcon RE-Super, a feature first realised in a screw mount camera by the introduction of the Olympus Kogaku Olympus FTL, their first full frame 35mm SLR in 1971, but which was abandoned one year later in favor of the OM system.

The SR-T has an extremely bright finder with a central micro prism focusing aid that in most cases proves to be very convenient, requiring no apparent lines in the motive, since all out of focus objects appear to shimmer. All relevant exposure information is visible in the finder, as well as a battery check index mark indicating the required needle deflection for a healthy battery when a switch on the camera base is set to BC.

The SR-T 101 was also made available in black. The top cover and the base plate are black enamel while most metal parts are black chromed, but the wind lever is black anodised. The parts still chromed include the shutter-release button, the mirror lock-up knob, the depth-of-field preview button and the lens-release button.

Famous Users
Annie Leibovitz
William Eugene Smith



Coupes Moto Légende 2009


"Les coupes Moto-légende"
Held in the Dijon-Prenois circuit as every year, for the 17th edition, this is the biggest European motorcycle meeting. Over 1000 bikes this year were around the track . Our Friend Jean-Claude Barrois was there, testing for the first time his Terrot HSS. He sent us a photo gallery here

The show is as much in the paddock as on the track, our detective JCB was looking with the camera for some beauties.
As usual there was a big amount of the rarest machines on earth , enough to loose your head !

Meanwhile Nicolas Lépine and the flatheads of Frankstein Racing team were making a movie, enjoy it below



Searching for Sean Flynn


Tim Page searching for his colleague and friend Sean Flynn who disappeared in Cambodia after being captured with fellow photographer Dana Stone in 1970. Almost 40 years later the mystery surroundin...

Sean Leslie Flynn (born May 31, 1941, in Los Angeles, California; disappeared April 6, 1970, in Cambodia, age 28; declared legally dead in 1984 ) was an American actor and freelance photojournalist best known for his coverage of the Vietnam War. He started a news service in Saigon with John Steinbeck IV, son of the American author.
Flynn became a freelance photo journalist under contract to Time Magazine. In a search for exceptional images, he attached himself to Special Forces units and even irregulars operating in remote areas.

On April 6, 1970, while travelling by motorcycle in Cambodia, Flynn and Dana Stone (on assignment for Time magazine and CBS News respectively) were captured by communist guerrillas at a roadblock on Highway One. They were never heard from again and their remains have never been found.
Although it is known that they were captured by Vietnamese Communist forces, it has been suggested that they died in the hands of "hostile" forces. Some speculate that they were killed by Khmer Rouge in June 1971.

Flynn's mother, Lili Damita, spent an enormous amount of money searching for her son, with no success. In 1984 she had him declared legally dead.
The story of Sean Flynn was immortalized by The Clash in the song "Sean Flynn" from the album Combat Rock. He is a major character in Michael Herr's Dispatches. He was portrayed by Kevin Dillon in the 1992 mini-series Frankie's House.



Surfboards sweets


A surfboards exhibition in the Southwest
For us surfboards are like candies for kids, the more you see them together, the more you're excited by the colors and shapes


A Skate Park in Kampala


" Coup de Coeur "

Photography by Yann Gross

Kampala area & the first East African skatepark constructed by local youngsters in Uganda

Dont miss Yann Gross Work : Yann Gross Website



"Re-enactment" the exhibition


It was imperative for the Southsider's people, to travel to London for the photo exhibition
"Re-enactment" by Nick Clements and his team: Ryo Bamba, William Gentle, Matt Hind, Neal Read and Nathan Small.

The show was located in the very active area of Brick Lane, in the premises of
the old Truman brewery. The characteristic sound of Norton, BSA and
Triumph motorbikes led us directly to the site of the exhibition.

The spirit of the images is unambiguous: recreate visual universe of
the 30s to 60s. Strongly influenced by the aesthetics of surfing,
motorcycles, automobiles, not to mention a certain romance with
sweet (& very sexy) girls. Nick and his friends depict images to perfection. The
realism is impressive : it is not nostalgia but just the taste of a certain aesthetic.

It was also a great opportunity for us to finally meet face to face with Ben and Gary, the "holly" Sideburn team; Mark Wilsmore, the Ace Cafe legendary boss; Derek and Hiroyuki of Lewis Leathers and Steve Hillary aka "The redmaxspeedshop". Of course, everyone was holding a beer in their hand.

We would like to thank Nick for his warm welcome, and remind you that you have access to their images subscribing to"Men's file" magazine.