Le Chateau Marmont Hotel

Last May we spent, with my wife a week in Chateau Marmont Hotel during a trip to L.A visiting our friend Come.
You probably heard a lot of things about this place, the best & the worst, but the only way to have a good feeling about it, is to go there, even if its just for a drink.
Its a wild cool place to stay,you can meet a lot of people there, the food is fine the rooms are 1960's looking and the team is cool. Well in fact everything is ok but the price ... but forget about it and enjoy.

The Chateau Marmont is a hotel at 8221 Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, California built in 1927 and modeled after the Ch√Ęteau d'Amboise in France's Loire Valley. It has served as the backdrop for a number of events in the lives of well-known rock stars and actors. Fred Horowitz, a local attorney, began construction on the hotel in 1927. His project turned into the Chateau Marmont, named for the street running across the back of the property. The Chateau Marmont opened in February 1929 as an apartment house, but high rents and the Depression kept renters away. In 1931 the building was changed to a hotel. The hotel was bought in 1990 is currently owned and managed by Hotels AB, run by celebrity hotelier Andre Balazs.

The Chateau Marmont was designed and constructed as earthquake proof, and has survived major earthquakes in 1933, 1953, 1971, 1987, and 1994 without sustaining any major structural damage. Nine cottages were built in the 1930s next to the hotel, which were acquired by the hotel in the 1940s. Two of the 4 bungalows at the Chateau Marmont were designed by Craig Ellwood in 1956 after he completed Case Study Houses. The bungalows are like miniature case study houses.

The hotel also has an exclusive, reservations-only restaurant serving California and Eclectic cuisine. The chef is Caryolynn Spence, originally of New York's Spotted Pig.

In 1982, John Belushi died of a drug overdose in one of its' garden bungalows.
Jim Morrison of "The Doors" used up what he called, "the eighth of my nine lives," after he hurt his back here while dangling from a drain pipe, trying to swing from the roof into the window of his hotel room.
Led Zeppelin band members rode their motorcycles through the lobby one evening to cheering guests, causing modest damage.
Fashion photographer Helmut Newton died on January 23, 2004, after his car crashed into a wall on the driveway of the hotel.
Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante resided in the hotel for a brief amount of time in 1996. During this period, Frusciante was dealing with a serious drug addiction that almost claimed his life. The New Times LA interviewed Frusciante at the hotel and published an article about the musician in which his physical appearance was described as "a skeleton covered in thin skin" whose flesh was noticeably scarred and bruised from injecting himself repeatedly with heroin and cocaine. Frusciante was kicked out of the hotel shortly after the interview
Hunter S. Thompson was often a guest at the hotel.