Southsiders babe December 2008

Merry Christmas or whatever for all of you guys...

The tree lifes of Jean Claude Barrois 's bike

We knew Jean Claude Barrois indirectly, for the original work that he realized on a Honda 450DOHC K1 1968, this machine is looked after in details and tastefully realized.

Is job turner, milling/drilling machine operator, welder, insuring him a master technical control and is deep affinity for aesthetics of old mechanics, show through in its realizations today.
Jean-Claude looks likes he would come out of another time, that of the even steam or alcohol machines!

But it is not all about him, our man is also fascinated by a certain "Kustom culture", the one who authorizes the deep modifications, the most risked, is that he dares to make it with very old and thus rare bases, some people can shout in the sacrilege, at Southsiders-MC we like this way!

The following project began in Mars 2003, by the purchase of a typical motorcycle Soyer 07S 1928, in a wreck state

The frame of this motorcycle being twisted, the first stage was to raise it. Then the Soyer ran on the track and participated in a racer version in some classic bikes shows.

JC-B tells us: " I then decided to make a new frame. To do it, I bought stretched tubes under cold conditions TU37B Ø 40 and Ø 25 mm.

Then, drawing of a "working draw" around the JAP 350 engine and the Soyer gearbox. I wanted a frame which would be inspired from the 20’s racers .
Manufacturing of a model to support the various elements theoretically.
Manufacturing of the steering column in a Ø 50 mm steel billet and all the "emboîtures fittings" and "mouth of wolf" in the milling machine. Soldering of all parts with the TIG .

- Make of a fuel tank with the "AG5" of 3mm thickness.
- Oil tank with stainless steel tube Ø 100mm for the first model.
- The front fork is a Terrot Parallelogram from the 30’s.
- Reversed HD Sportster handlebars
- Seat mocked in swap meet as well as control levers - The gas tank cap cutted in the material block, the brass foundry is from my "home-made" forge
- Assembly of the machine, then essays on a Karting track.

- Frame painting and tank in green grey and after that 12 000 miles on track and road rolling, after taking part in participation at "Coupe Moto Légende"," Ton-up" in "Mas du Clos" and "Magny-Cours" tracks.
Alan is the Birth name of JC's son

-In 2005, I resell the Soyer in original conditions with its JAP engine , I have the frame.

Further to this sale, I buy to Monclar de Quercy's swap meet this very beautiful 500CC, engine Rudge with 4 parallel valves from 1926 for engine head and after 1930 for the bottom.

- modifications of the frame to install this mechanics and installation of a 4 speed BSA gearbox.
- new tank, inspired by the Norton Flat Tanks .
- new oil tank.
- set of wheels 21" Ø, on 200 mm Monet-Goyon hubs .
New fuel tank caps.
2 adapted Moto-Guzzi Le Mans exhausts -Windshield and fenders homemade with AG5.
The frame is now is repainted in old skated Red in homage to Burt Munro...

This exceptional motorcycle, reserved for tracks use exclusively, is for sale now, because Jean-Claude has other building projects.

a great moment : the Opening of "Le Mans Classic" Grand prix

For any informations, write us an E-mail and we shall pass on !

We made a gallery with more and more and more...

Jean Claude is a Ton-Up member, take a look on their website