World Surf Spot 1 : Hawaii

For all of u guys who are surfers, big or small wave riders we are going to make a best spots world trip ...
Of course i'm waiting ' your comments, secret spots ..., etc
As i have to start somewhere out of my beloved Basque country, lets go to Hawaii

Surf enthusiast out there are always looking to catch the perfect wave. During one’s surf career, he or she might experience any combination of a variety of waves and rides while surfing, but some of the best surfing by far takes place in the island state of Hawaii.
The home of surfing. Pipeline, Sunset Beach, Waimea, Jaws. Big big waves. World class surf.


The above pretty much sums up Hawaii. You have not made it as a world class surfer if you have not made it on the North Shore. Look in any international surfing magazine and it will not take you too long to find a picture of a Hawaiian wave. It is a place truly blessed with top quality waves and swell.


Each of the Hawaiian islands gets its share of the huge swells generated from October to March, but undoubtedly the North Shore is the place that receives the most attention. The location of its breaks makes surfing a fantastic spectator sport. Pipeline seems to breaks right off the beach, its almost like you are in the line up.


Hawaii receives numerous swells from October to March, generated from deep lows tracking across the North Pacific. The swells can be anywhere in the region of 10-30ft - now that is big surf. That said, the North Shore is often flat, but when it is going off there are large crowds, huge crowd pressure and localism. Respect has to be earned. A surf trip to Hawaii will be better spent away from the North Shore as there are no shortage of spots and less crowding elsewhere. The other side of the islands see frequent 3-8ft waves so you will not be missing out too badly.

It is a fantastic place for a surf vacation or regular holiday, and although not the place for the novice surfer it is still a great place to visit just for the spectacle of surfing.
A big thanks to : globalsurfers