Birth of a "Master" builder (part 1)

This week begins the story of a self-made man with gold fingers, his named : Jean-Luc Borgetto

Since very young,
I began to dismantle, and to try to understand how 2 wheels could indeed work. At the beginning interested by mopeds, then towards the age of 13 , I focused one motorcycles. In the time, there were a lot of English bikes and we could get it ourselves for not expensive step.
On a 250 BSA at fourteen
I did odd jobs for me, but also for the pals. I had a Solex, and it had to go faster the others, then I had to make a special exhaust system, then a P50 Honda and it too had to run faster the others two, I thus had to make a megaphone and to tinker a carb. All my 2 wheels were modified. Often the engine then the exhausts home made, for example in the time, I arched tubes by clamping them in the fork of a tree placed in front of the workshop. During the races with the mates, I was often in front of, what encouraged me to persevere. Then I have stopped the school to work in the family company. From this moment that I began to touch everything: masonry, joinery,etc...
450 Norda
I am curious about everything and always leaving to learn other thing. For my father there was only a work which he planned and no doubt to learn another job. I had enough of that to make at home. It was rare that he lets me leave to the concentrations or for a Grand Prix.
1970 at "Le Castelet, just behind the bike it's Barry sheene and the skinny guy with the girl it's Jean luc,
far left Raymond Roche (ex GP and superbike pilot)

But I have to thank my father today disappeared, who gave me the possibility of developing my curiosity and of being what I am today.
I did odd jobs in the evening after the working day. I built simple exhausts then 4 in 2, 2 in 1 etc., then I built up engines for friends, I had some good results.
1971 into the side-car
The 750 Norda
At the beginning of the 70s, I had 750 four Honda with which I was going to make some concentrations, the "elephants" for example or to see races and one winter I had the idea to improve the engine's performances and to take up this in Featherbed Norton's chassis, also 4 megaphones and to go to Le Luc circuit based in Provence to run this new bike.

Next week: the first build-off bike and the pics gallery -------stay tuned!