Commando from Germany

My fellow Hannes from Darmstadt( Germany) send me a pic from his special Commando with a few comments over this modified bike.We start from the front, where you see a Lockheed two piston brake caliper, thois and the disc are from the production racer, brake cylinder on the handlebar is from Grimeca, specially made to fit to the original Lucas switch on the handlebar. Combined with a steelflex brake hose this makes a very,very good brake, much better than the single-piston original one.
For me there is no need for a second disc, which would also possible. Inside the fork there are progressive coils which i once got via Ebay from Canada for reasonable 40$$, with the progressive part on top, as recommended by Wilbers.As oil i use ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid -for automatic car transmissions),150 cc each leg, you get this on every gas station and it is really long lasting. This can also be used in the primary chaincase (200 cc). Handlebar is a LSL S1, a german brand, it goes a bit in direction of clip-ons, but much more comfortable. I use this on my Bonnie as well. Front fender is a replica of the proddy Racer fender from "Glass from the past" USA (www.caferacingparts.com), they have a lot for 60s and 70s bikes. The lamp is as i think from Dominator times, but it will be rebuild to the original chrome lamp and
instruments in these beautiful alu-cups, everythig here already, but not yet mounted.
The frame is powder-coated and got a Mark III isolastics, a fourth isolastic is mounted under the gearbox, this works very well in my opinion, i use 0.15mm adjustment throughout.The motor had originally a single carb solution (with Y-manifold), but , as a friend and Commando expert said, this is like you would cut of the teeth
of a poison snake, so it was rebuild to 2 30mm-carbs and original air filter, and this prooved very well!
In the back we have Koni-Shocks with linear coils, they do a good job as ever.Rear fender is of stainless steel, taillight the small Lucas, very nice integrated. The seat is a Corbin "Smuggler"type, and ths was quite a story.The german importer of Corbin seats wanted incredible 1.300 Euros for this, and in USA it is only 799 $$, fortunately a girl from the office, where i work, had to stay for 2 years in the USA and she ordered it there, customized to my orders 2 1/2 cm lower and 2 1/2 cm slimmer, and brought it back to Germany .
Very good is the lockable tail box for towel, wallet, cell phone, Fisherman`s Friends and whatever.
The fuel tank is fibreglass, not allowed in Germany, but "it was delivered this way...", anyhow i look for a steel roadster tank, if you should know something in this way, let me know.
Another tricky option of this bike is a second adjustment device for the gearbox to adjust the primary chain absolutely parallel.
Nice bike isn't it? so Hannes we wait for the story about your Velocette...