Next stop ... Benin (Africa)

From August 3rd to the 18th i will be in Africa (Benin) with my family for a couple weeks vacations, will let u know when i come back ...

Located in West Africa, Benin is a coastal country with the Atlantic Ocean to the south and the neighboring countries of the Sahel region to the north.
Benin has enjoyed political stability, peace, and constant economic growth for the past two decades.
The promotion of democracy, human rights, and good governance constitutes the priorities of the Beninese government.
The people of Benin are a people to discover for their legendary hospitality.

From approximately 1300-1600, three major migratory movements took place resulting in the population of the area now known as Benin. The first was the movement of the Yoruba people from Nigeria; second was the movement of the Ashanti people from Ghana; and the third, and most significant for the history of Benin, was the movement of the “Alladahanou” people from Tado, in the south-east of what is now Togo. This group, led by three brothers, initially settled in Allada. While the oldest brother became the king of Allada, the others left around 1625 and established two other kingdoms: one in what is now Porto Novo and one near Abomey. Around 1645, the Abomey kingdom conquered the neighboring kingdom of Dan and thus became known as “Dahomey,” which means “in the belly of Dan” in Fon.
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