The Australian Motorcycles

The Australian motorcycle has an image problem. While there were a few genuine all-Australian-built bikes, most used imported motors in conventional frames assembled from imported lugs. Examples of survivors can be seen in the Australian bike photo gallery, as well as on the pages for my Blue Bird, Bullock, De Luxe, Lewis, Peerless and Victor Blackburne motorcycles. I've also put up pages for Pasco, Hercules, Invincible JAP and the spring-framed Whiting and Mostyn motorcycles.


Luckily, someone has gone to the trouble of writing a definitive book on Australian motorcycles. Robert Saward's "A-Z of Australian-made Motorcycles" (Turton and Armstrong, Sydney 1996, ISBN 0 908031 64 5) details some 396 brands of motorcycles offered for sale to the public, plus a good many more built for racing. An awesome achievement. A good place to get a copy is R&D Motorbooks.
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