Apocalypse now Surfing

Yeah man this is surfing... it smells like... victory


1992, enevetebel vegetebel, attention disorders, never one push u, spiral city architect, lack of almost everything, learning the hard way, barely learning anything, writing checks my body can't cash, trying to get stuff done, doing a lot of nothing, looking up at the bottom, heavy petting, favorite smells, party hair cuts, major life mistake lists, never owning a 10 speed, poor diet, 1966 Nova mobile home, brofessional favoritism, left brain verses right brain. certain death. creeping death. delusional optimist. you probably have a better idea what my problem is. getting further and further from worser and worser. complete misrepresentation. function, malfunction, disfunction. a good trade to fall back on.
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Mako Got Hurt

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