Nbr 038's Story - the Norton Café Motorcycle

The Café started out as a thought as most customs do. The idea was to build something that would have the look of a classic Cafe' but with modern touches so the bike wouldn't feel dated. Custom bike builders are pushing the limits out there today but I believe that the stripped down British bikes built in the 50' and 60' truly are timeless and the look is hard to beat.
Take a look here in Colorado its a "must be seen"
this guy is rad and knows how to work

Deus Motorcycle

Deus is a completely different kind of motorcycle company. While focussing on the design and construction of custom motorcycles, Deus promotes and celebrates a custom motorcycle culture that first appeared in Europe and America in the 1940s which has recently been revived by groups of young enthisiasts in Japan,America,Australia...and France
Those Aussies are cool ... Hey Hamish stop workin a bit and come to Biarritz 4 surfing