1928 Rudge Four

The creation of British designer George Hack, the 1928 Rudge Four was ahead of its time and showcased technology, like linked/anti-lock brakes, which finds itself cutting edge on modern machinery

Norton mechanics

24th June 1950: Two mechanics at work on the Norton motorcycle on which Geoffrey Duke rode to victory in the Isle of Man Senior Tourist Trophy race. Original Publication: Picture Post - 5069 - The Island Race: A Record Of The TT

A little of history

Referring to the historical ties that existed between Euskal Herria (the Basque Country) and the United States, some authors stress the admiration felt by John Adams, second president of the US, for the Basques' historical form of government. Adams, who on his tour of Europe visited Bizkaia, was impressed. He cited the Basques as an example in A defense of the Constitution of the United States, as he wrote in 1786: