A Norton History

Norton : A History of Performance and Innovation

The Norton brand is one that has been blessed with over 100 years of motorcycling heritage. From James Landsdowne Norton 's first production motorcycle in 1904 through the years of dominance on the racing circuits of the Isle of Man to the commercial success of the Commando, the Norton brand holds a special place in the hearts of all motorcycling enthusiasts. Performance has always been synonymous with the Norton brand to the degree that, in some years, only race ready motorcycles were produced.

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Surf History Preservation Collection

The early Polynesians from as early as 2,000 B.C. were able to not only negotiate the seas, but also able to locate a small dot (island) in the middle of the largest ocean on the planet.

Because of the early Polynesians' intimate knowedge of the ocean, it is not a surprise they developed all manner of ocean going vehicles including the earliest wood surfboards.

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Steven Van Zandt

Interviewed by Noel Murray

Born and raised in New Jersey, Steven Van Zandt grew up as a rock freak in what he still believes was rock's greatest era, when legends like The Rolling Stones, The Who, and The Byrds inspired teenagers across the country to start bands that could be just as great for any given three minutes. Van Zandt rose from the garage circuit to the Asbury Park bar scene, where he befriended the local players who later formed The E Street Band and Southside Johnny's band The Asbury Jukes. Van Zandt made the leap from the Dukes to the E Streeters after helping Bruce Springsteen with the arrangements on Born To Run, and his stint with the band corresponded with (and maybe prompted) Springsteen's shift from Bob Dylan-inspired boogie epics to the working-class retro-rock of his heyday.
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Maverick. Half Moon Bay,Ca

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