fight for singularity

In a world where normality is the only word, there is a field which is following this rule: is the surf In this anarchist and singular world which was the “ surf culture “ where small different brands where standing together into the same surf shop and where the spirit of the shop was reflecting the personality of the owner, there was a place for singularity…
Today all this spirit is gone crushed by this inescapable phenomenon, which is Globalization.
Plastic molded boards and those made in China are representing today more than 95% of the market, no need to talk about the big brands as Qu.....ver or Ri....rl which are feeding us with the same old down-market shit and that are smothering all the small independents who have no other choice than follow their instructions if they want to survive.
The struggle is going on sometimes and a few guys are resisting such as in Mollusk surf shop in Ocean Beach, San Francisco, that is still riding the spirit that we all knew 30 years ago.
In this shop all the boards are unique with mass tinted resin and local artists decoration.
Accessories are all coming from small locals brands and the clothing are custom made. Same thing for their books or videos choice that are presented following their wish of authenticity.
In one word discovering this shop was a real moment of happiness and hoping that other guys are following ,we wish them good, strong and funny life.
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25 summers ago...

25 summers ago, Vincent and I went for a trip to Baléares Islands with my old Triumph Bonneville 750 which i still have.
Its good to see that 25 years later we are still into the mood and that after all ... what else do we need ? Good wife,good wine,good bikes and ... c'mon lets go