If You Like Big Sound ...

Honda Mike Hailwood at the Legend of Motorcycles in Half Moon Bay
What a f...ing sound ...

3 perfect chevy's

another century?  
not so, these 3 chevy's were parked in the H.M.B Ritz-Carlton yard
from left a 1950 COE(cabin over engine), a 1954 top-chopped and dropped Bel-air(i think, it's 
jesse james car) and a 1951 fastback model


on any sunday

Glory sale

Glory Sales and Service was founded in 1999 by Justin and Kristina Kell. The Hollywood Blvd. showroom opened its doors on Feb. 14th 2000. Inside you could find a few 50’s sofas, some neon signs and a couple of vintage motorcycles.
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Hollywood bobbers

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Norton flat track race


the perfect couple

the perfect couple...
him: a 1946 hudson pick up lightly customized . A little bit dropped, and a very tastefull death's head on the hood .
she: a rarity , a 1917 Vee twin dark red Dayton, maybe over -restored but ouchhh...
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Recuerdo de Los Angeles ciudad

Algunos amigos que estan al lado

Dickies ... if u wanna be sure

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Vintage Outlaw ...

Ventura Raceway
10 W. Harbor Blvd
Ventura, CA 93001
(805) 648-RACE

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Sideburn Magazine ... take a look

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Jay Springsteen

Jay Springsteen is considered one of the best AMA Grand National flat-track racers of all time. Bursting onto the scene and earning the AMA Rookie of the Year Award in 1975, Springsteen won three consecutive AMA Grand National Championships starting in 1976.
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Mert Lawwill

Mert Lawwill, the American Motorcyclist Association Grand National Champion of 1969, was one of the top professionals on the AMA national circuit during 1960s and 1970s.Lawwill was born in Boise, Idaho, on September 25, 1940. His parents were not enthusiastic about motorcycling. Mert's older brother broke the ice and was the first in the family to ride. It didn't take long for Mert to catch the motorcycling bug and he too started riding, much to his parents' chagrin.

Jim Rice

Jim Rice was a leading AMA Grand National racer of the 1960s and early ‘70s. During his short six-year professional racing career, Rice scored 12 AMA national wins. He won on mile, half-mile and TT circuits. All but one of his victories came on BSA motorcycles.Rice was a championship contender for most of his career. He scored a series-leading six national wins in 1970, but came up just short in the final standings, finishing second to Gene Romero in that year’s championship. That season was famously chronicled by the movie "On Any Sunday" and showed a brutal crash Rice suffered at the Sacramento Mile that may have cost him that year’s title.


inside the guggenheim

Sunday, visit to the bilbao guggenheim museum in the bask country . Unfortunetly the "art in the USA" exhibition was just finished, but Frank O'Gehry monument is worth a visit: titanium cover plates combined with glass and limestone and especially asymetrical construction are a real brain re-formatting. Inside, the fifty meters high Atrium really vertiginous, you'll find the Jim Dine "three red spanish venus", a turning into the very "clubby" Jenny Holzer installation.And the "must" : the monumentals, minimal sculptures of Richard Serra, kinda 3 inches thick sheets of rusty metal labyrinths, with fantastics ochre to black variations.A strange sensation of unbalance inside. At the rearside , "Maman" the spider of Louise Bourgeois(i want the same in my garden!-) is situated under the Buren "Arch".The temporary exhibition is now based on Surrealism, and didn't cause a real emotion for me, apart an Oppenheim little table with bird legs. Well, a good day and the return by the coast with a pit stop in San Sebastian for some "pinchos" and Ya basta !!

Bonneville - Worl's fastest motorcycles

Author: Horst Rosler
Motorcyclists have always been interested in Bonneville, but fueled by the movie, Worlds Fastest Indian, that interest has never been more intense than it is now. Over 150 bikes make the salt their home for one week in September of 2006. Among all those Suzukis and Harley-Davidsons, a group of bikes stood apart: the streamliners that came for only one reason, to break the Land Speed Record for motorcycles. By the end of the week a new top speed stood at 350 miles per hour, though the old record was exceeded a number of times by different machines on the way to the new record. The energy that makes Bonneville work isnt gasoline, its the drive of the teams, each trying to break a record or simply meet a self-imposed goal. Well-known photographer Horst Rosler captured the magic of Bonneville for this new book. The bikes, the limitless salt, the sunburned faces of crew and riders - theyre all here, printed on high quality paper and bound as a hardcover book. A book that deserves a place on the shelf or coffee table of any true motorcycle enthusiast.

A New-York city Norton

A couple of very nice pics on NYC and Norton by Kenny cummings
don't forget, kenny is also musician:

Remember we need to go there next year ...

Do you wanna buy an Airstream ... ?

Should be a nice vacations on west coast ...

Mercredi 28 Mai - In Norton we trust

the green is daniel's "green slug", the black is frank's"black" panther, and the red is vincent's "hot chili"


what's new in my garage?

the bloody fresh dice for sure!!!

A ride from Toulouse to Biarritz

It was not El Diablo run but it was fucking good to ...
Ithink we should think about making a " run " in Spain between
Pamplona, Lerida and Teruel for a couple days and let see what's going on ...

El Diablo Run

The El Diablo Run is a five-day Mexican fiesta on motorcycles from Southern California to Baja and back. It’s a chance to ride places and do things that simply can’t be done at a conventional American motorcycle rally. For dozens of dedicated men and women, the El Diablo Run is an annual gathering. For some, it’s a rite of passage. Others liken the EDR to a spiritual awakening. Whatever you choose to call it, the El Diablo Run is an adventure you don’t want to miss. The roads and locations on the EDR are always exciting and unpredictable, but it’s the people who make our no-frills freakout hell ride so unique.
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A Norton History

Norton : A History of Performance and Innovation

The Norton brand is one that has been blessed with over 100 years of motorcycling heritage. From James Landsdowne Norton 's first production motorcycle in 1904 through the years of dominance on the racing circuits of the Isle of Man to the commercial success of the Commando, the Norton brand holds a special place in the hearts of all motorcycling enthusiasts. Performance has always been synonymous with the Norton brand to the degree that, in some years, only race ready motorcycles were produced.

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Surf History Preservation Collection

The early Polynesians from as early as 2,000 B.C. were able to not only negotiate the seas, but also able to locate a small dot (island) in the middle of the largest ocean on the planet.

Because of the early Polynesians' intimate knowedge of the ocean, it is not a surprise they developed all manner of ocean going vehicles including the earliest wood surfboards.

Courtesy of :
Surf History Preservation Collection
P.O. Box 5637 Hilo, Hawaii 96720

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Steven Van Zandt

Interviewed by Noel Murray

Born and raised in New Jersey, Steven Van Zandt grew up as a rock freak in what he still believes was rock's greatest era, when legends like The Rolling Stones, The Who, and The Byrds inspired teenagers across the country to start bands that could be just as great for any given three minutes. Van Zandt rose from the garage circuit to the Asbury Park bar scene, where he befriended the local players who later formed The E Street Band and Southside Johnny's band The Asbury Jukes. Van Zandt made the leap from the Dukes to the E Streeters after helping Bruce Springsteen with the arrangements on Born To Run, and his stint with the band corresponded with (and maybe prompted) Springsteen's shift from Bob Dylan-inspired boogie epics to the working-class retro-rock of his heyday.
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Maverick. Half Moon Bay,Ca

Just to remember to have a look ... 1 day


fight for singularity

In a world where normality is the only word, there is a field which is following this rule: is the surf In this anarchist and singular world which was the “ surf culture “ where small different brands where standing together into the same surf shop and where the spirit of the shop was reflecting the personality of the owner, there was a place for singularity…
Today all this spirit is gone crushed by this inescapable phenomenon, which is Globalization.
Plastic molded boards and those made in China are representing today more than 95% of the market, no need to talk about the big brands as Qu.....ver or Ri....rl which are feeding us with the same old down-market shit and that are smothering all the small independents who have no other choice than follow their instructions if they want to survive.
The struggle is going on sometimes and a few guys are resisting such as in Mollusk surf shop in Ocean Beach, San Francisco, that is still riding the spirit that we all knew 30 years ago.
In this shop all the boards are unique with mass tinted resin and local artists decoration.
Accessories are all coming from small locals brands and the clothing are custom made. Same thing for their books or videos choice that are presented following their wish of authenticity.
In one word discovering this shop was a real moment of happiness and hoping that other guys are following ,we wish them good, strong and funny life.
Go and take a look at the gallery

25 summers ago...

25 summers ago, Vincent and I went for a trip to Baléares Islands with my old Triumph Bonneville 750 which i still have.
Its good to see that 25 years later we are still into the mood and that after all ... what else do we need ? Good wife,good wine,good bikes and ... c'mon lets go



the forgotten pics

last week my friend Jeff send me by email a picture from the past and glory days of Rock n'Roll.
The band name "fool for love" (sam shepard novel),i think it was in 1986 
on drums Jeff, on guitar and keyboards Pat, Greg was the composer and singer and i was the bassist (already disturbed by Triumph motorcycles)
good old days !


Resulats vente Bonhams à Half Moon Bay le 3 Mai 2008

Bonhams auction online results (click on the pix)

The Half Moon Bay review : Bullet Falcon 4 Jason Lee

the legend of motorcycles

Actor Jason Lee looks at the Bullet Falcon motorcycle built for him by Falcon Motorcycles using a 1950 Triumph Thunderbid motor. The bike was unveiled for the first time at the Legend of the Motorcycle event at the Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay Saturday...
We made a private photoshoot for this marvel, and we prepare an interview of falcon man Ian P Barry


Sutro Bath ...

Hi all
Just coming back from San Francisco with Daniel & Vincent
This trip was amazing and pretty unbelievable we spent 4
days in a kind of Toys'r us for adults motorcycles.
Made a couple of interesting meetings Shinya Kimura,Jesse James or Ian P Barry, and the "so vintage" Paul d'Orleans .
Wanted to thanks Daniel and Vinç 4 this trip
It was fucking good ... and waiting the next one