Japan Trip - day by day - Shops and Workshops

Tokyo is a giant octopus with its tentacles that never stop to stretch. An incredible maze where various cultures mix but all different from each other and always extremes. The one that interests us is strongely alive, but you must know where to find it. We would be lost without Tadashi, thanks to his perfect knowledge of the city, He is the highly valuable guide.

So we began with the visit of Westride in Meguro, a store of good quality biker style clothes.

Followed by "Animal Boat" the superb workshop owned by Daisuke Mukasa. He specializes in the restoration and race tuning of small capacity 60s Hondas. a place for everything, everything in its place, you feel the ergonomic storage and meticulous work. These small Hondas are wonderful pieces of machinery.
Then our group flew to "Z-Father" a specialist merchant in tuning parts for classic Japanese Bosozoku style motorcycles. A superflashy universe... a real candy store. The boss, surely a very cool guy, brings us for lunch in his "Mexican" restaurant... He is also the owner of a red Hummer covered with Swarowski crystal stones, I think he can be proud ...

After some sake and Tequilas,while digesting our guacamole, our bus drove by Kaichiroh Kurosu, brings us to Sundance garage, the ultra Harley XR specialist. Here the model is built at all sauces for all types of races or for streetfighters. Again, accuracy is felt in the work and the high qualification for engine preparation. Despite the performance research, esthetic is never forgotten. "function creates Aesthetic " an old precept that is dear to me ...

To close this solid trip, we ended by the visit of "Hot Dock" Keiji Kawakita's workshop, a master in the art of Drag-custom building. His bikes are incredible, again Kawakita San is a mad genius who has got by years of craftmanship a perfect mastery of his art. a wizzard of welding and engine tuning. Here inspiration from WW2 and "NachtJaeger"style is omnipresent in the logos or pieces design remembering some weapons from another era. But one also feels the inspiration of Giger. Another universe where one could spend hours watching the thousand details.

Once again thank you to Tadashi, Kaichiroh, Satoru and Ola and all others for the good times ...

Scott t bone jones  "Noise Cycles"

The first of a long selfies serie...tradition is tradition

Mister Coolbeans book library
From München Pamela, Roland and Ola
Rifle madness: is there asecond amendment in Japan too ?
Owner Daisuke Mukasa
Tadashi Kono



More serious weapons
Only a good Sapporo beer and a Ramen could conclude that day.