Barons Speed Shop

Dick Smith is widely known for his knowledge of all things Triumph.
Having rebuilt an engine at the age of eleven and having served under the famous marques such as BSA and Norton honing his skills in an era of craftsmanship after leaving  ace classics it was inevitable that his own workshop would follow. With his friend and partner Del it was 2003 that the Barons speed shop was conceived. A hot rod /speed shop specializing in the American bobber motorcycle and the hot rod style of the 50’s and 60’s.With over twenty five years of experience ,the bikes that were leaving the south London workshop quickly received the recognition from those in the know. With such clients like Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor Riding these hopped up little bobbers lots more followed, “stray cat” “Carolina kid” to mention a couple. with wide ranges of in house quality parts, bright paint and hopped up motors the bikes have become popular on both sides of the Atlantic. Dick has recently moved to larger premises; his new speed shop still situated in south London is equipped to deal with anything the customer may need. Full engine rebuilds, parts and accessories and specializing in one off fabrications.  The motorcycles that are being produced are high quality machines many being completed with original parts from back in the day.  From good servicing to one off show bikes its all here. Now 2014 Dick is firmly established in In the new workshop for all of you involved in building motorcycles whether it's in the garage or professionally you all know how long it takes to get it just right,and the machines that are leaving the Barons speed shop are all hand crafted.

And look JUST RIGHT!.

In 2013 Dick embarked on a project to build a triumph that could challenge a record on the Bonneville Salt Flats. With Friend and client Peter Alan who commissioned the build.
Old philosophy!!! "Keeping it simple keeping it light"
Dick's old friend Freddie Cooper a well-respected triumph  tuner once said to Dick you need a big carb to get the air as well as the fuel into it!( dear Freddie Cooper passed away in 2010 aged 84) he was responsible for the bike called cyclotron and was a neighbour of mine,look him up online!! LEGEND. With sponsorship from Amal the whopping inch and a half Amal GPs arrived at the Barons speech shop. Watching this bike come together was fascinating,Nos
Stock parts from cycle supply Harmon and Collins all the great names this bike was coming together the old way the right way!  Peter Allen was over the moon! The bike was shipped. The stage was set. None of us had ever been to Bonneville before. A very frustrating week unfolded mainly due to the weather and run times, the Triumph Dick built “The Epsom salt” still managed to break a record for its class, piloted by Peter perfect!.  The Barons speed shop are record holders! Although Dick isn't happy with the time set on the salt! He was told by many fellow racers that not many people come to Bonneville and break a record on their first attempt! It's such a hostile environment!
Full Credit to Dicks engineering skills.
He just thinks its unfinished business!
This year Dick has mainly been specialising in engine and gearbox
rebuilds. There is a very interesting project on the horizon though! so watch this space….. Like many craftsman/engineers they always seem to be busy in the background and they never get the credit they deserve. It's nice to give a nod in the right direction to  friends! But more importantly to a great mechanic and engineer that keeps all our bikes on the road!(and track) Nothing fazes him after all .he's seen it all before!!!  The Barons speed shop is proud that all work is carried out on their premises, Dick is now specialising in Ali welding, engine and gearbox rebuilds!
You can contact Dick and Del at
Barons speed shop
Unit 8 Addington Business centre,Vulcan Way
New Addington
Tel +44(0)1689 638733

Bonneville 2013 Team

Perfect Pilot Peter Allen.
Builder Dick (barons speed shop) Smith
Dell (security) and all round good bloke!Neils old mate!
Giorgio castronuovo spanner man!and relaxed and chilled!
Laurence the lens Kirby
Jimmy the paint! (at channel)
Chris dead mans hand Allen.
Steve the wire hallam!
Myself  Mr G R Margerum snaps!
Carl Kramer dispatch crick
and all that gave us support! AND A SMILE!

Many thanks to : Neil Williams, John Isaac , Gary Margerum and of course Dick Smith