Good for Lady

Today a little story from our Good friend Juan-Ramon in Madrid. A funny lightweight idea came out of his mind and turned last summer into reality... The proof if needed that size doesn't matter.

It started two years ago in a classic magazine. He stood before me, a fork Zundapp 200 of the 40's. At that time there was the "Massive Metamorphosis" contest, and I thought, let's do something really cool ...

With a Yamaha 250 and a mechanic I began the adventure, but the mechanic did not advance so much, the union with the fork was not good and this guy disappeared several months, until I get the parts … Lost time.

At that moment I thought of making a more practical bike for my girl. A 125 you can drive with car license.

But now I need help, I need to safely put the Zundapp fork on the new bike. I talk to Pedro of CRD (Cafe Racer Dreams) and ask for help. Hands on !!!
The model chosen is a Honda CG 125 from 2005, very, very ugly.

My idea it’s a bike around the fork. Keep the black and gold and look very 40s.  We start to work. With a good CRD job, keeping the front disc brake, lightened chassis, electrical system reduced and a painting duotone style, the project comes to life.

And after several months of work, here it’s, a Honda 125 long and low, very easy to use in the city and manageable for a girl.
Good For Retro presents: # GOODFORLADY

Now a lucky girl is driving in Sierra Bonita…!!!.