Sideburn #12 On sale

The latest issue of Sideburn, #12, arrives in one week. We think it's a beauty. We whittled the cover options down to two but didn't want to reject one, so we've printed two alternative. You can do things like that when you run your own magazine.
The interior of each magazine is identical, so choose cover 1 or cover 2.

Cover 1 features David Death Spray on undercover manoeuvres,
Cover 2 features Christophe from Toulouse shot by Vincent Southsiders.

Sideburn 12 is now available to pre-order at the Southsiders Store

We put it on pre-sale to help us deal with orders without getting swamped, so we can get them in the post to buyers asap, when the mags land. We do just about everything ourselves.
If you like the blog, but have never bought the magazine, perhaps these emails from two new readers will convince you to support the mag...

I really like the style of your magazine, it reminds me that riding a bike was Rock`n Roll and not the hobby of old man (like me) with yellow signal jackets (not me!)! 
With best regards Gisbert, Germany 

Just to let you know I f*ckin love the magazine! The layout is awesome, so are the articles! Is there a way to subscribe? I don't want to miss another issue. Thank you for the good and fast service! 
Regards, Arnout, Belgium 

choose cover 1 or 2 when ordering