Springville in Utah


Springville in Utah is about 1 hour's journey off our route, and we thought that we had to make the trip to Jeff Decker's . For those of our readers who doesn't know him, Jeff Decker is a renowned sculptor, recognised by Harley Davidson as official sculptor of their brand. His style recalls that of Frederic Remington, he has the history of European and American motorcycle at his fingertips. His undeniable talent together with his culture makes him one of our favourites. He has just finished the Cannonball Run, the testing race across the United States from East to West, on his 1929 Harley Davidson JD in a record time.

The Legend 2008 Trophy

The west was Won

The Hill Climber

Jeff is now living in the very peaceful little town of Springville, and met us in his house-come-museum for a guided tour of each room containing many two- and four- wheeled treasures. Jeff explained the raison d'être of each piece in a calm and harmonious way. there is also an amazing library containing rare pieces on the history of custom culture.

 Then we went down to the basement where we found a clay maquette of Lawrence of Arabia on his Brough-Superior SS100, one of his works-in-progress.
In another room there is a series of wax moulds waiting for the foundry. And, to finish, the strangest piece: black, with as its centrepiece a Crocker chassis with a chiseled petrol tank and all around an arrangement of "Colors", collected over the years, as well as photo albums from the sixties, kept as piously as religious icons.

Outside to end the tour there is a garage containing several rare items. Then we part; Jeff is in a rush, he has yet to load his van before leaving for Davenport and then off to New York for the start of the Cannonball race.

Joe Petrali's Record 1936 EL

An Henderson four ready for next week Cannonball

Afterwards, we went over the road to Legend Motorcycles, a Harley Davidson garage, a sort of museum with some more beautiful machines: our eyes were almost jaded and our stomachs called us to order. By chance Jeff Decker and his wife had the good idea, several years before, to open a splendid diner: the "Art City Trolley". We took the best table, at the end of the Trolley car. Our paths parted here and we shared a last hamburger with a certain regret: that evening we would be in Las Vegas.

Maxwell, Kris Tina, Tania, Olivier, David, Valéria

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