Dice Issue #46


I know, we are a little bit late on this one, but it's time to remind you that we stock on our store, the insane DICE magazine curated by Matt and Dean. And this issue is a special one, Matt Davis has travelled last summer all the way from California to Europa with his old Van going from an Event to another, we met him for the Wheels and Waves, he also met a cultural shock this new custom scene, so Maxwell Paternoster is involved in this Issue  and made the Cover with his famous "Lazer Death", you'll find also Nico from Ornemantal Conifer, Sam Christmas portfolio, James Jordan from Kingdom of Kicks, Carl Lesage from Belgium, our Impossible Triton is involved too and many other goods as Jonathan from the Deathtraps... Yeah that's a nice one !...


Edito by Maxwell, pic Kristina Fender

Nico pics by Dimitri Coste

Benny Thomas @Boneshaker Choppers and Mark Eley@Eley Kishimoto pics by Sam Christmas

Carl Lesage, pic down right Olivier Prat

Jena captured by Michael Schmidt

The Impossible Triton pics by Benoit Guerry

Sorry Matt for the lack of Gasoline in your tank,next time I loan you a descent bike !