Men's File Archive Transportation In Revival Subculture


Readers might have noticed that Men's File is a visually oriented journal that is simply packed with images. In fact we have many photographs and other visual material that is never used we have decided to do a serie of sponsored, limited edition books (sponsorship is the only way we can afford to bring them to our readers).
Each will be themed on a specific subject will titles such as The Revitalists an Vintage Girls and the first is Transportation In Revival Subcultures.
In this tome we have utilised most of the 200 pages as a visual celebration of the various forms of transport (i.e. bicycles, horses, boats and train as well as cars and motorcycles) that are used as an expression of style and creativity by subculture members. This comes all wrapped in a presentation box with a free denim gift from jeans makers Blue Blanket.

Only 500 boxed copies will be available! This collector can be ordered here on THE STORE

A special gift will be sent with the 10 first orders