To catch a Dream....


Text by D.Borras

A dream can be normally conceived as a succession of images, emotions and sensations, that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. But these aren't the dreams we are interested in.

As our regularly celebrated noble man, and cornerstone of this adventure, T.E. Lawrence came to say; "Not everybody dreams equally". There are those that dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, loosing the content of their dreams to banality at dusk. But there are also dangerous men, that dream with their eyes wide open, (A plena luz!). Those men, if they find the courage to do so, might make these dreams possible, livable!

The Impossible Team is one of those dreams that are pursued for ages, from dusk to dawn not while asleep. The dream of 3 men to conquer their optimum speed. A salty dream you could call it. Summer 2012 will be the time, these 3 ordinary men; Frenchman Vincent Prat (SouthsidersMC) and Spaniards; JR. Ortega (GoodforRetro) and David Borras (ElSolitarioMC), will try to meet their destiny on one of those places they have veneered for years, Utah's Bonneville Salt Flats.

It is in Bonneville's salty tracks, where for half a century, dreamers from all over the world have pursued and shared their wildest adventures. Its the rush for speed, the ultimate modern pleasure. The event chosen by the Impossible Team will be the honorable Speedweek, held in August and hosted by the Southern California Timing Association (SCTA). In speed heaven, the Impossible Team with their secret machines, will try to push through the barrier of their wildest dream trying to get closer to motorcyclist plenitude.

Now you may support this dream by purchasing this unique and limited edition T-Shirt, designed by our friend, and Artist-extraordinaire, Maxwell Paternoster specially for the occasion.

Dream Salt? Catch it!


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Florent said...

"Impossible is not french", we use to say from this side of Pyrenees. I support the 2/3rd spanish-1/3rd french impossible team but if i send a placement far away from here, over the atlantic, i'd like to see more than a record, but something like a dream or.. an impossible dream..?
Long life, viva