1953-1971 The first great victories by Thierry Nou


A look towards the past...
All across his collection, Thierry Nou does not only introduce us to his paint work. He immerses us into his childhood, into his mind, driven by one passion: Motor Racing.
He likes telling that when he was five years old, he used to collected with his older brother to get each others’ sports car images. When he was ten, car magazines were piling up in his bedroom. He then quickly became very knowledgeable on the subject. How could you not get fascinated by the curves of a 911 or to shudder to the hoarse sound of a flat-six engine? Diploma from the “école nationale des arts appliqués et graphiques”, the French national school of art and design, he is now a father of two and Art Director for an important design and advertising company. His passion for sports cars is still here, more than ever. In his paint shop, he has put his heart and soul building up this collection of paintings that is now exposed in front of you. It is built in his image, colored by all these childhood memories.
You may have understood it by now; this project is neither a bet nor the ambition that led Thierry to build this collection up but only his love and passion for motor racing

The first great victory of Porsche in a world sports car championship.Jose HERRARTE ARIANO, driving a 550, wins in his category after one of the most dangerous race in the world.
The endurance rally was created in 1950 and runs throughout Mexico going from the south west to the North of the country. Dust and heat play a big part in this challenge. The Porsche cars reliability is yet tagged as a reference.

Acrylic 150 X100cm

In May 1954, the domination by Porsche is obvious,With both the 356 and 550,the team gets all the victories in their categories.Hans HERRMANN and Hubert LINGE, Both heros from the Mille Miglia saga,get the fear for their lives when driving through a closed fence only thirty feet in front of a running train…

Acrylic 150 X100cm

Is a historical year for Porsche Ferdinand,The Targa Florio challenge is registered
in the world sports cars championship.Behind the wheel of a 550, Umberto Maglioli and Huschke Von Hanstein win one of the first great victories ahead of the enraged Ferrari’s.

Acrylic 150 X100cm

This is the first victory of Porsche in Sebring,It is delivered by the great Hans HERRMANN. The victory in motor racing is first set by men, the car is their means to the end.
This time, HERRMANN drives two cars during the same race, switching from one to the other over 720km without a break!He then finishes in first place on the 718 RS, the so-called “grand-mother” and in third place with the other one.

Acrylic 150 X100cm

In 1962,the French Grand Prix was the set of two great prime events. One for Dan GURNEY who signs his first victory.The other one for Porsche that, for the first and only time,
wins as a formula 1 car and engine manufacturer.

Acrylic 150 X100cm

Another victory for the make,The first three places were taken by three 910/08.
An undiscussable domination made by Porsche.

Acrylic Dyptique 2 100 X100cm

This year, the 24 hour race in Daytona is set by an indisputable domination by Porsche.
The prestigious team mainly composed by Vic ELFORD and Hans HERRMANN with the precious help of their 907, Hijacked the first three places to the other competitors. This victory adds up to the one in Monte Carlo making of 1968 a memorable year for Porsche.

Acrylic 100 X100cm

Was the year of exhilaration for all Porsche enthusiasts. It marks the beginning of a long series of victories starting with the great Monte Carlo Rally. This first glory is the result of both Vic ELFORD and David SONE’s performances. This is a historical moment for the new 911 that, at the time, won its first great title.

Acrylic Triptyque 3 100 X100cm

In 1969, in Le Mans,Hans HERRMANN finishes second. Only 400 feet behind Jacky ICKX.
The man of the “Mille Miglia” has a revenge to take in 1970, same place.
This year, he promised his worried wife that if he wins this race, he would end his career as a race driver.Promises are made to be kept. Hans HERMANN wins in Le Mans with a 917 and retires.
Hats off to the artist!

Acrylic 100X150cm

Acrylic 100 X100cm

The great Vic ELFORD, winner of the Monte Carlo Rally in 1968 and the Daytona 24H race with Porsche,was asked once if in his career he has faced anyone faster than him,
to which he replied “Never!...but Pedro RODRIGUEZ maybe...”
In 1971, Pedro RODRIGUEZ, wins in Monza closely followed by Jackie Oliver. Two months later, he will meet with death during a race in Nuremberg while driving a Ferrari 512M.
Dead on the stage.

impression sur aluminium, format 150 x 100 cm

A warm thank you to Turian Sapolin, who allowed me to get all these paintings out of the paint shop. Benoit Guerry, for opening his doors to this collection.
Antonin Roque for his inspirations and all his anecdotes. Jean François Nicoul who traded his steering wheel for a camera and turned himself into a one-time reporter.
For offering their kind help
Philippe Pouyfourcat, Yves Porthault, Garry Nou, Jonathan Nou But also to Alexia, Emmanuelle and Sylvie ! For their support.
And not forgetting, You, my parents, a big Thank You !
Thank you everyone

Exhibition from the 6th December 2011 to the 21th April 2012 at:
The Porsche Center Monaco



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