Saturday Run


Those who look regularly at our blog for several years have surely understood that "Le Lot" is one of our favorite riding destinations .
This region, a kind of a desert, is a true roads and sinuous passes labyrinth. Could be extremely exotic to the one who doesn't know the surroundings.
It's a very good playground just a few kilometers away from Toulouse. On top of it, we have a base there... At Jerome and Valerie's in the middle of the bush....
Everything's there.. except a few dirtbikes to get high with... Maybe... Later on.

One more time, this year we took the all team there for the all day ... what a day!....

Thanks to Valerie and Jerome for the perfect organization !

Let the photos speak by themselves...

Fred (Blitz) and Christophe (Eastside)



Momo "Snake of the Lot"

Olivier the Digital Milk

JJB and Sylvie

TAST: Twist a Saint Tropez

Momo's Burns

Olive: Pop Racing


Heinek... ads

Rides... always better after one beer...

Jérome & Olivier

Dav. Renault Cars Designer

Thierry & Polo


Valérie Joining with the TR6

Mark::: F**k this let's Ride!

Elmo's coffee machine

Hugo and the Blitz Bmwee (very cool machine)

Phil and the Monstro

Momo's digging



Momo and Olive: bike rescue



Benoit, Dav, Sylvie, Polo

Let's go for the night ride

- The Hasselblad Session -

Thierry, Philippe

Valérie, Jérome

Juliette, Benoit, Fabienne, Tom

Christophe, Fred, Hugo

Tania, Olivier, Vincent

Saladin & Paul

DAV. & Polo

Polo & Mark

Sylvie & Jean Jacques

David & Valeria

Photographies by:
Benoit, Jean-Jacques, Olivier, Polo, Sylvie, Tania, Vincent