Friday Run


Following a memorable evening to celebrate the Southsiders 3rd Party, it was only natural that we should all take to the road, after all, motorcycles are made to be ridden!

I had already assigned the task of plotting an itinerary to our 'route-master' and team member Jerome, with the intention of showing as much of the region as possible in relatively few kilometres. The chosen route seemed perfect, head out east from Toulouse up into the 'La Montagne Noire' down the other side to a valley overlooking Castelnaudary, and then back to Toulouse via Le Lauragais.. in all 170 kilometres.

Elmo's "coffee machine"

POl's B44

You wanna race with me?

Inside the DarkStar wessel

I love it when, bad weather threatens, it adds to the thrill of the adventure, the uncertainty and possibility of rain, but nothing was going to dissuade the assembled group of riders and their machines. All that's needed is a good karma. The overcast skies shone quite a different light on the already dramatic surroundings, making this simple ride-out all the more enjoyable. Upon our return into Toulouse city centre, Rue Peyras was sealed off either side of the Eastside Boutique, allowing parking for our bikes and easy access to the numerous bars, and later our preferred meal at Toulouse's oldest restaurant, 'Père Louis'.

However, with another ride-out planned for the following day over 400 kilometres, I was concerned by an abnormal amount of oil leaking from the gearbox of my Norton, and decided it best to deal with the problem rather than take the risk. And so it was that the day finally came to an end in my garage at 0300am the following morning, oil leak fixed and a good bottle of Rum shared amongst friends.

Happy Hour at Le Quinquina

How to fix a gearbox oil leak at 2 a.m ? with a bottle of old Rum !

Amazing Photography by:
Alex Baret: green fondation
Bierre Bonnet: The Royal Racer
David Y Valeria @ El Solitario
Paul D'Orleans: The Vintagent
Olivier Prat: The Digital Milk