The Third year party


The period proceeding an event such as our 3rd Anniversary party can be very stressful, and the run up to the start of the show last Thursday evening was no exception. But as if by some miracle everything came together just right, to the extent that all those attending wished the party to continue.. Thursday evening then will remain in my memory for a longtime to come as a very special and shared moment.

I would like to thank all those that made the effort to join in our celebration, some from far away, equally to our team and their invaluable help in assuring the events success.
And of course, many thanks to the Artists
The Southsiders team is closer for the experience and our thoughts are already focused on the next chapter..

Lorsque vous organisez une manifestation, la période qui précède est toujours stressante.
c'est ce que nous avons vécu Jeudi dernier avant que ne commence nôtre soirée.
Mais comme par miracle tous les événements s'enchainent et fonctionnent bien. à la fin, tout le monde est heureux et aimerait que cela dure encore longtemps. Cette party restera longtemps dans nos mémoires comme un grand moment de plaisir partagé.
Je voudrais remerçier tous ceux qui ont fait l'effort de venir, parfois de loin, mais aussi toute nôtre équipe de travail, Benoit, Jérome, Michel, Thierry sans qui nous n'aurions pas eu ce résultat.
Je remerçie aussi les artistes pour la qualité de leur travail et pour nous avoir fait confiance

Cette soirée à soudée nôtre équipe et nous pensons tous déjà à la prochaine édition...


Amazing Photography by:
Alex Baret: green fondation
Nicholas Blanchadell @ Ze studio
Jean Jacques & Sylvie Bouilly
Hugues de Domingo: Le Dépassionné
Simon Gratien
David Y Valeria @ El Solitario
Paul D'Orleans: The Vintagent
Aurélien Marquet @Ze studio
Olivier Prat: The Digital Milk

I bet there's one of your favorite inside...

The crowd at 8.00pm

Petroleum Exhibition by Bertrand Grégoire

The "113" a fantastic place for our event

Inside: Barroque wood from 1883

Dimitri Coste Photography

Polo Garat Photography

Fantastic Ruby Helmets

Mark Woodhatch paintings

Pierre 66 Stingray "Batmobile"

Nathaniel Irthum aka L'admiral

Norton Manx T5 one of the two survivors ( the second belongs to Birmingham museum)

Sharp as a De Tomaso Pantera 1973
Round as a 1969 Linto

Stephane DB6

1924 Sénéchal

Blitz Motorcycle: The 500 SR

Pierre and Fred in front of the T5 John Tickle Manx

Pure Barroco Dandy style as ever, Saladin came with a Paul Smith suit and a pair of Heschung Boots

The Linto one of three survivor from 13

Bertrand Grégoire Foundry

Polo "El Vasco" and David "El Solitario"

Eiffel style little bridge

Nick Clements Photographer and John Mollanger from Vitesse Moto

Marie and Saladin perfectly matched

Wow!! Thierry's TRIBSA is one off our next photoshoot

Boneshaker is the good name

Another one from Blitz Motorcycles

Our Store is open !

This man is Dangerous

Italo American GT

The Dino from 1972


Sure... you need your copy now !!!!!!!

Next feature on Southsiders but Shhhhh!

Alwest Creation

A rifle or a Violin?

Limited Edition Serigraphy by Alwest Creation

Havana moon

Valerie and Sylvie

Neil Williams our Turntabilist from London

Polo And Grand Thierry 27 years later

Bixente and Melody

Marks Profile


Nick and Dimitri

Jérome Coste Ruby Helmets