Italian Motor Magazine

by Elmo

Italy.... seen from France has allways been a country inspiring a mix of admiration and respect.


Because of art and beauty. Every time I've been in Italy I've been surprised by all the pieces of art spreaded all over the streets, the museums, churches all over the country. On top of it Italy has so many beautiful landscapes and towns (think of Roma, Florence, Venezia).

That's , maybe , the reason why modern italian design is so inventive, refined and present everywhere. Italian people grow up and live among beautiful things all around them and it drives them to allways think of the beauty when it comes to build or conceive anything. That concerns bikes as well....

Speaking of bikes I admire the system they use in most Ducati engines (thanks to Mr Fabio Taglioni), the desmo.... : instead of leaving the return of the valves back to the seat to the will of a spring that can be late or weak, Ducati designed a desmodromic system (ie the mouvement is controlled by man, by the design of a return rocker not a spring who can do what he wants). Of course it has to be so precise, mechanically speaking that the Ducati engines are like sewing machines. I can tell you about that, guys, I've been the owner of a 1975 900SS and I've opened the engine three or four times, when you reassemble it you have to adjust plays to 1/100mm for all the axles, takes some time but so much precision made me admire the beauty of the engineers and workers job.

Look at all the italian bikes. Don't you find that the general shape, the engines, all the details are beautiful.That's what I like about italian bikes.... and we could talk about italian cars too.... but they are so out of touch

And thanks to a magazine, recent and very confidential one: "Italian Motor" we can have pictures of those beauties.... past and present.

Italian motor has been created by Adam Bolton, the brother of Guy Bolton the man behind "Greasy Culture" . This new magazine is for every italian mechanics lovers.

You can find the two first issues for sale on our store