Remembrance Day - November 11th


My Grand-father was a "poilu", from the WW1. The term "poilu" comes from Napoleon army meaning "The Hairy one" or the "courageous one" for the Infantrymen. He spent four years in the mud sharing his meals with rats, including the trenches of Verdun, incorporated in a "Crapouillot section" the ancestor of the mortar. While my uncles and my other grandfather didn't come home, he returned to his region of the Pyrenees, living quietly but living nightmares every night ...

Two unique photos of "Charles", he would have 117 years now

le Crapouillot



Unknown said...

Dear Vincent

Both my grandfathers were in the same "galère", on the English side (ie the Somme). They came back, which was not the case of their brothers. But they naver again spoke of this war.

We share this heritage


Don OReilly said...

Every day I am saddened by the insanity of it all... the things ordinary men are expected to do in the name of "country", when we're reality doing it for the 1% and for them alone