Your Favorite Five #010


We ride our machines as our ancesters rode their horses. Europeans do it straight arms, legs in the back and body together. US cowboys remain the same, arms in the air, legs apart, it does not matter as long as you get there. Well it could be that it is "caferacers" versus "choppers". In the History, certainly the roads made the difference. Today we see that the situation is been reversed : Europeans are hungry for Kustom and Americans crazy about the Caferacer spirit. This is what Nick Maggio is showing us. His choices are both urban and racy. Nick has taste.
Find out by surfing on his blog : Atimetoget

1969 Triton

2004 Honda Dream

Deus Truxton

Paul Smart Ducati (I'd like an original, but will happily settle for the reissue

Zero Chopper

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