Ridon by Ross Lovegrove


Derived from my man/machine studies, Ridon relates to the convergence of technology with human anatomic imprint. The ghost of human form pressed into the soft clay of the computers wireframe virtual skin floating out in the universe like a black hole opened by invisible gravity, only the heartbeat audible in the silent vacuum of deep space.

Man as the life force and the constant reference point of infinite scale, from micro to macro but always eye to eye in the way we perceive space and matter around us, one on one, walking on a earths terracotta plane, A known machine, wrapped around a man, postured to complete the holistic black form and to let air jetstream over a static object in the still air of an ordinary enclosed room. The dynamics of statics and the concept of speed and convergence as an inevitability in our prothetic accele¬rated future.

The contemplation of massive speed obtained from the static man; a metaphor of contemporary www. Communication, moving in the mind but not in he body, il furismo of a kind... Leonardo went nowhere but everywhere... How are ideas born... staring into space and drawing association between natures wonders of runn¬ing sequences of automated evolution? Humanity, heading towards 'the singularity' and a time when mans knowledge of the building blocks of life will instruct a new chapter in our evolution.... And with it a' new nature' conditioned by the man machine relationship of synthetic synthesis will take its chance at survival.