André Pinces Photography Part One


Having a cross-disciplinary background in printmaking and visual communications, my career as a photographer is an exercise in highway-ramblin' auto-didacticism. From soft-focus erotic daydreams and delicate fashionista sojourns to hardcore death metal motor-bike apocalyptica, winding through a diverse range of social and aesthetic terrain, this is the road less traveled, but expertly documented.

After studying printmaking at the University of Alberta, I worked with Warhol photographer and Man Ray disciple Christopher Makos, Interview Magazine cover artist Richard Bernstein and aRude's Iké Udé. I have exhibited in London, New York, Montreal, Vancouver and Los Angeles, and currently I continue to shoot fashion, portrait and commercial work as well as produce fine art editions. Some recent advertising credits include Coca-Cola, Adidas,Stüssy, Native Shoes, Aritzia, Clarins and Lululemon, Athletica, as well as Maple Recordings, EMI and Roadrunner Records.

I'm based in Vancouver, Canada but can also be found at various truck stops between Venice, California and Venice, Italy. With a wide range of cameras I shoot both film and digital, Polaroid, 35mm, medium and large-format, with the occasional disposable for good measure. I love to experiment with technique, concept and style, and storyboard as much as I shoot from the hip.

I got my first bike the summer I was 19. Working as a bartender, I saved all winter and the following spring, for $750 I bought a 1972 Honda CB 750 which had just been rebuilt. It took about 20 metres for me to fall in love and I never looked back. Three months later I had saved up enough to quit my job and head out on the road. I left Vancouver and returned three months and 15,000 km later, having made my way through Montreal, New York CIty, Washington DC, Memphis, Dallas, and Los Angeles, with almost every stop I could make in between. Originally headed for New Orleans as well, I had to detour around the Gulf of Mexico due to Hurricane Andrew's path of destruction that particular summer. Needless to say this was a life-changing, coming-of-age adventure that I can never forget, and think fondly of every day.

Don't miss the second part next week, André and friends on bike trip from Vancouver to Los Angeles and much more...