Celebration & Partners


By the end of May 2010, we'll be celebrating during 3 days the second anniversary of Southsiders MC, your favorite blog - with a couple of other ones :-).
Launched two years ago by Vincent Prat and Frank Charriaut (who recently left for new adventures) the blog is now entering the age of maturity with new members on the board, Benoît Guerry and Yves J. Hayat. Other members will soon join.

This is also the celebration of our first supporting partners, who came to us with conviction. These 3 brands have a lot in common. French born, they have reached an international audience from their launching days. They are all "family" businesses : like us, the motorcycling world is a Family. And at last but not least, they're after Protection.

Ruby who makes State of Art helmets was created by Jérôme Coste. His brother Dimitri is in charge of the photography of the brand. Thank you the Coste Brothers, you were the first ones to join the Southsiders MC.

Vitessemoto is re-inventing our feet protection. Created by Caroline & John Mollanger, ex-executives from Nike & Puma, Vitesse products are the ultimate purchase for the least possible amount. These boots could cost 2.5 times more. Check them out. Thank you Mr & Mrs Mollanger for your ultra professionalism.

LifeLab goal is to make us handsome. No biker wants to look ugly or wrinkled !
Lifelab has an exclusive formula to hydrate men skins per decade as you are not the same guy between 30 and 60. You wonder how other brands did not do it. Try it every morning and you see by yourself. Thank you Arielle & Loïc. Our goal remains to be among the top motorcycling blogs but even more among the top style & culture blogs.

As our friend Paul d'Orléans says: "The world of Motorcycles has all the ingredients of a good, enriching drama; heroic deeds, political intrigue, design brilliance, cut-throat business practices, quirky characters, national tensions, cultural biases, eros and thanatos." Here we are, two years and 200 000 miles in our wheels. Join us on the 27th, 28th & 29th of May for a great celebration. Our "MC" goes for Motorcycling Culture. Cheers all.